"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
- Jesus, Matthew 11:28

Thank you for visiting our site during these remarkable and uncertain times. The longings we all share for security, connection, meaning and hope seem out of reach right now. We are having to contend with anxiety, isolation, cynicism and despondency as never before. We need God and each other more than ever.

Our hope and prayer is that this site could be a means of connecting or reconnecting you to Jesus, who invites all of us to come directly to him with all of our weakness and need. So, we invite you to explore here, or visit us in person, as way to encounter the risen Jesus.

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Our 3-Fold Approach to 2020:

Stay Low

We need to assume and maintain a posture of dependent prayer and repentant faith.  The Lord loves to visit people who consciously give themselves to humility, openness, willingness and  responsiveness.

Stick Together

We need each other more than ever. Friendship is not expendable. Let's refuse to turn on each other; refuse to think of one another in earthly categories; resolve to work through conflict. Take personal responsibility to make the ministry of encouragement a shared priority.

Make Disciples

There is a lot at stake right now. But the gospel transcends everything else. Let’s keep taking the next step with Jesus, and let’s commit ourselves to helping others do the same. Nothing is more consequential than that. And Jesus gives his operative power to that end.

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Sunday Mornings @ 10:30am

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3100 Medlock Bridge Road
Peachtree Corners, GA 30071
(in the CityGate Atlanta building)

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Making Disciples

Discipleship is a daily apprenticeship with Jesus, bringing every area of life under submission to his Lordship. We consider ongoing growth in 4 areas which are essential to our discipleship:
Theological Clarity
Personal Reality
Relational Beauty
Intentional Ministry
 Our aim is to create ministry structures and environments that give everyone at Generations accessible opportunities to fully develop as followers of Jesus. Regardless of your starting point, we want each person enlisted in their own discipleship and engaged in the discipleship of others.