one-to-one bible reading

Nobody has ever matured and endured in Christ steadily, over a long period of time, without personal engagement with Scripture and Prayer. These are both essential components for any individual to move forward and develop in our daily apprenticeship with Jesus.

One-to-One Bible Reading is a simple, reproducible way for you to connect meaningfully with the people of God and the Word of God as you seek to cultivate a personal reality with God. Whether you are a seasoned student of Scripture or have never opened a Bible in your life, One-to-One allows you to learn and grow personally, and to contribute to the discipleship of others effectively, from wherever you are in your journey.

You can connect with someone of your own choosing or we will pair you together with another person (men with men, women with women), with whom you will spend weekly time together, for the specific and life-giving purpose of studying the Bible and praying for each other.

If you don’t know how to study the Bible, don’t worry, we will give you some tools. If you don’t have time to commit to outside homework, don’t worry, we’re not asking you to. If you don’t know where to start or what to read, don’t worry about that either, we will provide that for you and give you a track to run on. If you will take responsibility to pursue your own development as a disciple of Jesus, we will take responsibility to come alongside you and help that become a reality.    

5 Key Functions of One-to-One Bible Reading:

1. Truth - Our thoughts, ideas, assumptions and emotions are lying to us all the time. Our culture, social environments, media consumptions and entertainment sources are lying to us all the time. We are creating for ourselves and being presented by others with a conception of reality that is in direct opposition to God’s Word and the gospel. We need the truth of Scripture to renew our minds and restore our sanity.  

2. Accountability - By committing yourself to One-to-One, you are taking responsibility for both your own progress as a disciple of Jesus, as well as for the progress of another person at some level. We are all much more likely to consistently and continually engage with Scripture and Prayer if we are doing so together rather than in isolation.

3. Safety - When we read Scripture we are also inviting Scripture to read us. We want to nurture openness and safety with one another in a personal environment where we can express doubts, questions, and areas of unbelief. This needs to be a safe space to consider the things of God seriously and to take each seriously.

4. Confession / Repentance - We must take sin seriously and fight sin diligently. As we establish safety and build trust, we will feel more free to confess sin and practice repentance openly and humbly, which is an essential dimension of discipleship.

5. Prayer - We are called to labor for one another’s joy and progress through prayer. In this environment, our prayers are specifically and narrowly focused on our development as followers of Jesus. We are praying for God’s grace and glory to be personal and obvious to one another and for his purposes to advance in and through one another.

4 Desired Outcomes

1. Biblically-Filtered Understanding of life
We want to conform our interpretation of all reality to God’s perspective.

2. Joy-Filled Intimacy with Jesus
We want to see and savor Christ more fully and be totally alive to him.

3. Grace-Formed Community with each other
We want to grow in grace and experience the love of Christ through meaningful relationships.

4. Spirit-Fueled Mission to your neighbors
We want to make Christ more visible to people through personal mission.