Volunteer Form

  • By Submitting this form, I am confirming that I have read the Next Generations Child Protection Policy and will abide by it.
  • I am confirming that I read the Volunteer Commitment and Attendance Document and will do my best to communicate effectively with Class Directors.
  • I am confirming that I’ve viewed the Service Calendar and am aware of which Sunday I serve and if I am a Lead Teacher.
  • If applicable, I consent to a Background Check done by Generations Norcross.

Any questions please speak to Stephanie Simmons first before submitting this form.*

*Note: Email will be the main form of communication, so please include the email you check regularly. It is also used to send your background check request through Checkr.

*Note: If you are a parent filling this out for a Student Worker, please specify the name of the Student Worker(s).

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