Healthy disciples of Jesus have always given themselves to grace-filled community and grace-fueled mission, and that’s what our Gospel Communities intend to nurture. This is a context where we strive to learn obedience to Jesus together.

We gather regularly together, but even more, we seek to established shared rhythms and a shared life where we can continually express and experience God’s grace to and through one another. At a functional level, we believe grace is the experience of the Gospel + Safety + Time.

  • We need the continual reassurance of God’s forgiveness, acceptance and love for guilty, weak sinners like us. We never assume that. We need that spoken explicitly and embodied faithfully. That’s the Gospel.

  • We need gentle, honest relationships in which we can discuss our struggles, confess our sin, heal from wounds, and consider life openly, without fear of rejection, condemnation or accusation. That’s Safety.

  • We need an unhurried, non-pressured environment, free from deadlines and demands, where we can simply take the next step in our life with Jesus, allowing him to slowly but deeply change us. That’s Time.

The gospel, safety and time are three nutrients which together condition the soil in which anyone can grow in Jesus, whether they are seasoned in their walk with Christ or just beginning to open up to the possibility of Christ.

These groups are not content driven, but relationally driven. We minister to each other and our neighbors through hospitality, encouragement, celebration, meaningful presence and prayer as we endeavor to live out our stated beliefs together.

Below are the locations and names of our current groups. If you would like to know more about the days, times and vision of each group, please click on the button below.

our current groups:


(0.6 miles from Summerour)


(9.3 miles from Summerour)


(2.4 miles from Summerour)


(10.6 miles from Summerour)


(8.4 miles from Summerour)


(1.8 miles from Summerour)


(6.6 miles from Summerour)

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