Generations’ mission is to glorify God through lives that are being transformed by the gospel. That mission can’t be fulfilled in isolation. It’s a community project. Gospel Community Groups (GCG's) are about living on mission together, sharing our hurts, struggles, fears and needs, in safe relationships. As brothers and sisters, we saturate one another with the love of Jesus and the grace of the gospel. Bible studies are great. Social gatherings are wonderful. Service projects are rewarding. But none of these is enough on their own to make and multiply disciples. 

GCG’s are designed to foster a grace-filled culture in which the gospel forms our whole lives. Whole life discipleship includes the head, heart and hands. With that in mind, our Gospel Communities create space for us to develop together in the following ways:

Fluency gets beyond the shallow waters of vocabulary and familiarity, to the deeper places of how we see, think about and talk about ourselves, others and the world around us. Gospel fluent people see things through the grid of God’s grace and they speak and act in a manner consistent with the gospel, which reflects the beauty of the gospel.



In our brokenness, we tend to derive our worth from our performance, but we believe identity drives behavior. A Gospel Identity is about knowing who you are because of Christ’s finished work on your behalf, basing our worth on grace and not on merit. We focus on 3 core identities which are true about every Christian: We are Family, We are Disciples, and We are Missionaries. Rather than laboring to prove our identity based on our performance, we labor from a secure identity based on Christ’s performance for us.

Rather than just getting stuck on the treadmill of life and reacting to the unending demands of work, family, culture, or the community we are part of, the gospel frees us to live with intentionality. Grace reorients our lives in purposeful ways so that we leverage our influence, our time, our relational connections and our resources for gospel advancement. Intentionality is about allowing the gospel to shape the most personal and practical areas of our lives so that we display the beauty of the Kingdom and the joy of living in glad submission to the King.

For information about existing Gospel Communities, please email James Rowell.