If you are a Christian, than you are a Disciple of Jesus. That's part of your identity. A disciple is a follower, a student, a learner, in a holistic sense. That's why we define a disciple as someone who is in a daily apprenticeship with Jesus. The focus of our everyday life as a church is progressing forward in our Christlikeness together. But for you to make real progress as a disciple, it’s not enough for us to take your discipleship seriously. You also have to take your discipleship seriously. 

That’s why we’re inviting everyone who comes to Generations to consciously and seriously give themselves to their apprenticeship with Jesus. We have identified four dimensions of development necessary for ongoing growth in anyone seeking to follow Christ, which are GOSPEL, SPIRITUALITY, COMMUNITY and MISSION.

Together, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we are pursuing…

  • theological clarity (Gospel) that’s faithful to the Word of God;

  • the ongoing experience of a personal reality (Spirituality) with the Living God;

  • a culture of relational beauty (Community) that reflects the grace of God;

  • and engagement with intentional ministry (Mission) so people come alive to God.

Rather than trying to do all of this in a single environment, we have created two primary environments, in addition to our Sunday gathering, which each have different emphases:

One-to-One Bible Reading is intended to nurture theological clarity and personal reality with God as we engage together with Scripture and Prayer on an ongoing basis. (To learn more about One-to-One click here).

Gospel Community Groups are intended to create a social environment in which we can nurture relational beauty and intentional ministry as we open our hearts, homes and lives to each other and our neighbors. (To learn more about Gospel Communities click here).

Our desire and intention is to help you deliberately create conditions in your life and develop rhythms with your life which are consistent with those established by people who have walked with an aliveness to God throughout history. We want you to have an opened awareness of and living encounter with the risen Jesus for the sake of your joy and God’s glory.

Our simple structures exist to lead you into that reality alongside others who are giving themselves to that same ultimate end.