Serve @ The Co-Op Every

1st & 3rd Saturday

9:30 - 12:00pm

We need 8-10 volunteers on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, to serve in 2 critical areas of ministry:

1) Sorting Donations

  • 8 people are needed on these days to work together organizing donations in the basement of the Co-Op, in order to keep supplies of clothes, toys, household items and other essentials for clients replenished. This team of people will arrive at 9:30 a.m. to receive instructions and get oriented and serve until 12 p.m.

Please register each individual separately.

2) Personal Ministry Team

  • We need 2 individuals who will minister to those who are waiting to be served at the Co-Op through personal interactions and prayer. All Co-Op clients come because of material needs but their needs are far deeper than that. This team will initiate conversations, listen, encourage, and offer to pray for people while being attentive to the deeper needs which people are expressing. Our hope ultimately here is to represent the love of Jesus and present the good news concerning Jesus as the Spirit leads.

Spanish speakers are a big need for translating or directly communicating with those who only speak Spanish.

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This role is service oriented. You will be organizing any number of donated materials ranging from clothes to toys to household supplies to hygiene products. Please register each person individually.
Praying for & Interacting with clients This area of ministry is more personal and relational. You will introduce yourself to strangers and strike up conversations with people who are waiting to get helped. Our heart here is to listen, encourage, pray for them and share Christ with them as the Spirit leads. Because of the ethnic diversity of our community, Spanish speakers are needed for translating or directly interacting with Spanish-speaking clients. Please register each person individually.