Every local church is called to reach the Next Generation. Our teens are not an afterthought, inconvenience or obstacle to ministry - they are the target of our ministry. We cannot follow Jesus faithfully and neglect the next generation. We must invest our emotional and relational capital, our passion for the gospel and re-orient our busy lives around God's desire to make Jesus visible to a generation of young people that desperately needs hope.

With the pull of the world so strong and a sense of identity and belonging so slippery amidst youth culture, it is imperative that we impart to our students a Biblical Wordlview so they see themselves, their friends, and the world around them through the lens of the gospel. To that end, we emphasize and nurture these 4 responses to the challenges of growing up in this time and place:

1. Think Critically - We teach our teens to wrestle with the underlying premises of beliefs that are pushed on them by a godless culture. We want to engage with the dominant influences such as peers, celebrities, sports stars, and social media, to identify competing truth claims and bring Christ-centered clarity to a confusing cultural landscape. We are convinced that creating a safe space for students to struggle with real questions and doubt, while teaching them to filter their thinking through the truth of the gospel, they will be empowered to walk in freedom and joy.

2. Live Nobly - When our students hearing about the grace of Christ collides with a consistent experience of the the grace of Christ, we make it easier for them to take Jesus at his word and to follow Jesus in his ways. We want to instill confidence and trust in the Spirit of God and the Word of God to lead them in the choices they face.

3. Love Deeply - We seek to teach teens to love their community through service opportunities with an emphasis on placing the needs of others above their own. This includes Loving the Church, so we give them a place to serve within Generations so they know they are a valued and valuable part of Christ's body. It also includes Loving Each Other which we encourage by connecting students with different backgrounds, ethnicities, fashion senseibilities and entertainment preferences. We want to help them see beauty and unify around diversity, rather than to isolate and insulate themselves according to differences.

4. Pursue Jesus - We want students to know their sinful state, not to feed their despair, but as a foundation to their delight in Christ. We want to help them know their need for a Savior, that they might embrace the real Jesus, who alone can fill the empty space in their hearts and lives. The centrality of Christ in each and every one of their lives is the only means to lasting contentment, joy and meaning in this world.

If you would like more information about our Youth Ministry please email us - info@generationsnorcross.com